Collaborative data science
based on R

StatAce is an online environment for data science that saves you time and effort. Use point-and-click analyses, execute R code, work with large data, and save the output as a notebook. StatAce allows you to collaborate, tracks the changes to your files, and can share your results with the world.

Use a PC or a tablet to try out StatAce


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Strong security
Your data and network activity are encrypted. Nobody but you has access. Read more.

App development
Develop intuitive graphical apps that allow anyone to use advanced analytics.

Great usability
An appealing and functional interface that works even on your tablet.

High performance
Choose computing power on-demand to carry out complex analyses on large data.

Scripts version control
See how your R scripts changed over time and go back to a previous version.

Share folders and work with others on data, scripts, and results.

External storage support
Connect your Dropbox account to make file transfers quick and easy.


Complex financial simulations

An asset management company is using StatAce to run demanding risk-return simulations on a large amount of portfolio configurations. They are benefitting from powerful private servers and the ability to neatly organize their results for later use.

Analysis of large data

StatAce allows a medical consulting company to quickly analyze large amounts of DNA data. They started straight away in the familiar R environment and saved the sizable upfront investment in hardware that they otherwise needed to do.

Teaching R

After switching to StatAce, a university professor saw that students became more engaged with her introduction to R course. They like our interface and the fact that they can access StatAce from any device without installing software.

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